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Argentinian Meat & International Cuisine


Spanish Iberian Ham – Selected spanish acorn-fed iberian ham for 2 people.

Prawn Cocktail – Delicious & Fresh Prawn Cocktail

Ceviche – Ceviche of Octopus & Prawns with Peruvian style Chilli Sauce

Cod Carpaccio – Cod Carpaccio with Dill & Orange Sauce

Oxtail Croquettes – Oxtail Croquettes with White Truffle Sauce.

Provoleta – Super tasty grilled Italian Provolone Cheese

Barbecued King Prawns – Fresh King Prawns, barbecued with sea-salt & passion fruit dressing.

Argentinian Meat Pie – Traditional argentinian meat pie (Empanada)

Scrambled Eggs – Scrambled eggs with mushrooms & black pudding.

Roast Beef Carpaccio – Roast beef, Parmesan, rucula & capers with a cream of balsamic glaze.

Tempura Prawns – Crispy Tempura Prawns with a sweet chilli & soya sauce.


Tango Salad – Fresh salad with rucula, thinly sliced parmesan, sun dried tomato & pine nuts.

Warm Goat Cheese Salad – Warm goat cheese salad with caramelized apple, beansprouts & honey.

Special Tropical Salad – Fresh salad with avocado, prawns, fresh fruits, trout roe, lime & coriander.


Rib-eye – Argentinian Rib-eye 300 gr

Entrecot – Imported argentinian beef

Fillet – Argentinian Fillet (Solomillo)

Lamb Chops – Lamb chops with mint sauce.

½ Barbecued Chicken

Boneless Lemon Chicken – Boneless Lemon Chicken on the grill.

Boneless Chicken stuffed with plums – Grilled Boneless Chicken stuffed with plums.

Barbecued Pork Chops – Barbecued Pork Chops with BBQ sauce.

Strip of Short Ribs – Barbecued Strip of Short Ribs (Tira de Asado)

T-BoneSuperb – T-Bone (Chuleton) – from Spain (Superior Quality) – For 2 people.